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Achiou Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves for Men and Women
✔ COMFORTABLE & WARM:soft and warm wool lining design,It's great not having ice cold fingers while texting/typing/writing in cold winter.
✔ TOUCH SENSITIVE & ANTI-SLIP PALM:The Unique and Practical 3 Touchscreen Fingers Capability design(thumb, forefinger ,middle finger),you can use the gloves on all your touch screen devices.The gloves work just like using your fingers.Palm large area triangle silicone non-slip design for driving & phone grip maintain dexterity.
✔ PERFECTLY FITS & BEST GIFTS:This is a high-quality couple gloves, has excellent elasticity, Stretches to fit most hands, You can easily get a custom fit according to your hands. it is best appropriate gift for your lover friends and family etc.
iGotText Texting Gloves for Men
TEXTING GLOVES ~ Decide to type smart in the cold! No more numb fingers in the name of wintertime texting.
SMARTPHONE GLOVES ~ Buy a couple pairs now! Everyone in the family gets cold outside, but who can let their phone go? You've got 'em covered.
WINTER TOUCHSCREEN GLOVES ~ Our latest "Touch-nology" is all wrapped up in your fingertips for smart, fun, warm smarphone love oudoors.
Redess Women’s Winter Warm Touchscreen Glovesc
Touch Screen Function: The touch screen parts are on the thumb and forefinger in both gloves. The newest design allows you to enjoy the good times with all touch screen type devices in the cold winter.
High Quality And Warm: These women gloves are made of poly spun velour which feels very warm, soft and comfortable. They are lightweight and not bulky, allowing you freedom of movement in daily life.
Well Designed: The touchscreen gloves with sleek are classically styled which also have chic detailing in the wrist. The gloves have fine details, novel generous stereotype make it fit your hands very much, slimming and not tight.

Best texting gloves

Ever since phones with touchscreens made their way into the market, there was this issue that we could not overcome. We could not use them if we had out gloves on. The winter is not a gentle season and compels us to wrap ourselves in multiple layers of clothing. Hands make no exception. In fact, the extremities of our body are always the first one to go cold. Since we could not give up on gloves, we had to find ways to use touchscreens without gloves on. And that is how texting gloves came into existence.

What are texting gloves?

Texting gloves are specially manufactured gloves that give you the possibility of using touchscreen devices while your hands stay protected from the cold. When they first came out, manufacturers used a particular kind of fabric on the part of the glove that we used to type or swipe. Nowadays, there is more than one way to produce a texting glove, and all of us who live in areas where the winter is harsh are very thankful for it.

But why is there a need for texting gloves?

To understand why we need texting gloves to use devices that have a touchscreen, you need to know how a touchscreen works. These days, phones have what is called a capacitive screen. That means the screen is covered with electrodes. The human skin is a conductive material, and when in contact with the capacitive screen it completes the circuit. The alternating electricity in the touchscreen induces a current in the conductor, and the result is that it forms a bridge over the gap between the electrodes that blanket the screen. That is why you can move things on your touchscreen and type.

The gloves manufacturer needed to find a material that is an excellent conductor since the skin is not the only one. That is why most gloves are made of fabrics that emulate the conductive properties that the skin has.

Types of texting gloves

Since not all texting gloves are cut from the same cloth, there are multiple types you can try. All of them are efficient. They will keep your hands warm and allow you to use your smartphone at the same time.

Fingertip gloves

This is the first kind of texting gloves we could find on the market. They do not replicate the entire hand’s conductivity. Instead, only the tip of the fingers people generally use while on their phones consists of a particular yarn or a special fabric that manages to complete the touchscreen’s circuits.

The reason why most people go for this kind is the cost. Since the gloves do not need to be entirely covered in the conductive material, which is more expensive, the manufacturers use cheaper fabrics like acrylic, faux leather or wool. Even so, I tried them, and they work fantastic.

Full-glove knotted touchscreen gloves

Just as you may have figured it out from the title, this kind of gloves is fully conductive. Manufacturers use materials like silver and copper when the glove is weaved, hence the conductive properties. As a result, you can use any part of your hand to use the touchscreen, and it will still work. Whether it is your pinky or your knuckles, you can control whatever you want on your phone.

Since you are not limited to 5 fingers out of ten, the full-glove knotted touchscreen gloves come at a higher cost. As you can imagine, the design is also limited. Even so, if you use more than the 5 fingers to use a touchscreen, then this type of texting gloves is the best for you.

Full-glove leather touchscreen gloves

Since all product must have a high-end category, consider this on to be it. If you have some extra money that you want to spend on texting gloves, you can go for these. They are made of faux or genuine leather, except that the manufacturers use a particular coating to make the leather conductive. That is why touchscreens respond to it.

The extra work is not only on the manufacturer’s part. You need to put in some extra work as well. Leather requires maintenance, and if you do not do it properly, the conductive coating will lose its properties.

What to consider when you are looking for the best texting gloves

What is for sure is that you need a pair. I guess that is how you landed on this page. Now, choosing a pair should be easy as long as you know what you want and what you are looking for. Below you will find some factors you need to consider before you make a purchase. At the same time, it cannot hurt to read some texting gloves reviews online to see if other people bought the product you are interested in and what they think about it after the purchase. It comes in handy.

  • Type – if you decide on one of the types above, it should make your job easier. Filtering through products will be easier since you fixate on a single category. Budget is also a factor here because the cost of the texting gloves will mostly be determined by type and not by brand. Although the latter matters as well.
  • Size – not all gloves are created equal. You can find them in multiple available sizes. If you do not know what size you are, you can find enough tools online that will teach you how to measure your hand and where in order to find your glove size. Do that and take it from there.
  • Design – gloves are, after all, a fashion article. You need a pair that will match your clothing and your style. Lucky for you, there is one for everyone. You can find texting gloves made of different material and in different colors. My advice is to buy a pair that goes with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. It will spare you the money of buying multiple pairs. I guess comfort is in the same category as design, so do not overlook it. After all, it is you who is going to wear them.
  • Additional features – some texting gloves provide more than texting abilities and warmth. One of my favorite features is the non-slip palm. Not only that I can use my phone with my gloves on, but they will also prevent me from dropping it. Knowing myself and my very long list of cracked displays, I would say that the non-slip feature is more than welcome.

What are the best texting gloves?

Now that we finished with the practical information, you need to find yourself the best texting gloves for you. As I said, it should not be hard since there are so many models out there. If you need some help, I am more than happy to provide it. Below you will find three excellent pairs of texting gloves. I am sure you are going to like at least one of them.

Achiou Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves for Men and Women

I chose to start with this one because it is one of the first products I saw and liked. They do not come in multiple sizes, but the size differs for men and women. Even so, they are a good fit for most women, so I do not see any problems with that. They are comfortable and warm because they are made of very soft wool. As a result, you will maintain your hands warm and text at the same time.

As for type, this model belongs to the fingertip gloves category. The tips of the most commonly used fingers have conductive capacities. The thumb, the forefinger, and the middle finger) Keep in mind that it applies to both hands, so there are 6 fingers you can use to operate a touchscreen. At the same time, the palm of the gloves has non-slip properties for a secure grip. There are many silicone triangles applied. That comes in handy if you are in the habit of dropping your phone or when you drive.

The material is breathable so you will not experience sweating. The gloves are a perfect fit for men and women alike. They have excellent elasticity, which is probably why the manufacturer did not bother to make the product in more sizes. But there are multiple colors, just so you know. Overall, the Achiou texting gloves are fantastic, and I think you will like them.

iGotText Texting Gloves for Men

The texting gloves from iGotText are not much different from the previous product. Although the manufacturer could have done better as far as design is concerned. There is nothing unique about them, but if you are looking for a product that is cheap but highly efficient, this model is the best one you can get in this price range.

Just like the texting gloves from Achious, these gloves are also in the fingertip gloves category. Only the 3 fingers that you mostly use for texting and swiping are designed to be conductive. Even so, you have enough freedom to use them on your touchscreen during the winter. At least your hands will not freeze.

The iGotText touchscreen gloves are made of soft and flexible wool so that you will be both comfortable and warm at the same time. The material is breathable, so your hands do not sweat, and the overall opinion is that they are what they are supposed to be. A pair of gloves that allow you to use a touchscreen but keep you warm at the same time.

Redess Women’s Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves

Last but not least, let’s go for a model that looks a bit more elegant, shall we? After all, an office look cannot be completed with a pair of pink gloves. For that reason, I chose the texting gloves from Redess. They are designed uniquely for women, they keep you warm, and you can text at the same time.

The Redess texting gloves belong to the fingertip gloves category as well. However, only the thumb and the forefinger have conductive capacities. Personally, I do not see why that should be an issue, but I thought you should know. Even so, the conductive ability is highly efficient, and you will not experience problems in using the gloves on your touchscreen.

One of the reasons I chose this model is its elegance. They are made of high-quality poly spun velour, and if you have ever had gloves made of that material, you know that they feel very warm and comfortable. If not, I can attest to that. At the same time, the Redess texting gloves are not and do not feel bulky, which gives you a sense of freedom. The design is sleek and classic, which allows you to use these gloves with more elegant clothes. There are three available designs for this model so you can choose the one that suits you best.

My recommendation

I find that all three products are effective as texting gloves and will keep you warm. However, my number one recommendation is the Achiou Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves for Men and Women. They will keep you warm, you can text, but the one thing that differentiates this model from the other two is the non-slip palm. That is a feature that makes this product one of the best texting gloves you can buy.


Winter may have passed, but it will arrive again. It happens every year J What is for sure is that you need texting gloves. After all, we are quite addicted to technology, and we never leave our homes without it. And when has the cold prevented us from using our phones? For what is worth, texting gloves will keep our fingers warm while we do it. one of the products above are guaranteed to do an excellent job. Click here to buy on Amazon

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